USACE, Kansas City District, Long-Term Remedial Action (LTRA) Contract


Under its LTRA contract, HGL provides remedial optimization services at a variety of sites. Environmental response actions include service and construction activities mandated by Superfund, the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP), and the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP) at active Army and Air Force installations and at Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS). For a number of its projects, HGL has completed optimization studies to improve remedy efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve remedial action objectives, including site reuse and closure.

Groundwater Treatment System at Pohatcong Valley Superfund Site, NJ
Project Highlights
For the Nebraska Ordnance Plant site in Nebraska, optimized an inherited bioreduction and sodium acetate injection system with significant biofouling issues by scheduling periodic extraction well/injection well rehabilitation, pulsing the acetate injection and recirculation systems to inhibit microbial growth, and using pre-mixed acetate for a more homogenous substrate mixture.
For the Kings Mills U.S. Army Reserve Center in Ohio, inherited an inoperable dual-phase, high-vacuum extraction system and subsequently modified the piping so that the plant more effectively targeted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and used HGL’s PBMOTM modeling tool to focus extraction, maximize contaminant removal, and ensure plume containment.
For the former South Jersey Clothing Co. and Garden State Cleaners Superfund sites in New Jersey, optimized the groundwater treatment systems by reallocating and balancing operator resources to reduce labor cost by 50%, upgrading the plant’s computer operating and SCADA/HMI systems to mitigate potential vulnerabilities, performing trend analyses in support of reducing sampling frequencies, conducting energy optimization studies, and providing annual cost estimates of system O&M and ancillary construction tasks.