TME Article Highlights HGL’s Innovative Decision Support Optimization Technology for Water Planning and Management

The July/August 2018 issue of The Military Engineer (TME) contains an article that discusses HydroGeoLogic, Inc.’s (HGL) award-winning Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMO™) tool and its ability to rapidly identify optimal water management solutions. The article addresses how water management decision-makers must often balance potential hydrologic effects with cost, schedule, and stakeholder concerns while meeting their project objectives. Traditionally, computer simulation models have been invaluable to these decision-makers in assessing specific water supply and water management alternatives, but now, new parallel optimization technology such as PBMO™, deployed in Cloud-based, high-performance, computing environments, is providing them with even more efficient, effective, and comprehensive decision support tools.

PBMO™ is highlighted as an innovative software system that links calibrated flow and transport simulation models with highly efficient optimization algorithms. As illustrated by several examples in the article, PBMO™ has been used for supporting optimal water resource management for municipalities, for dewatering excavation and mining sites, and for managing and remediating contaminated water resources at government and commercial facilities.

Joseph Schroedel, P.E., Brig. Gen., USA (Ret), the Executive Director of the Society of American Military Engineers, the publisher of TME, commended HGL for its article, stating “Thanks for your outstanding contribution to the next edition of TME! Your article will add to our profession’s body of knowledge and thought and it speaks highly of your dedication. Thanks for taking the time!”

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