Regarding a renewable energy resources assessment: “You’ve really hit the target on our original objective, and I thank you and your team for your hard work.

EPA Region 3

HydroGeoLogic has technically demonstrated without question to be one of the best scientific modeling companies in the field.

AFCEC (formerly AFCEE)

HGL’s work during the DP67 mineshaft project was top-notch. In fulfilling this contract, HGL overcame both engineering and technical hurdles as the former mineshaft was fully cleared of munitions and munitions debris…and to do it all on-time and within budget speaks to their flexibility and professionalism. We appreciate their work, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Kirtland AFB, NM

HGL staff has provided outstanding service over the course of these projects [and] has been a tremendous asset for the USACE in meeting the remediation goals for the Environmental Restoration Program (ERP) projects at the Duluth IAP.

USACE, Omaha District

[HGL’s] performance was paramount to accomplishing the stakeholders’ objectives to the complete satisfaction of the regulatory representatives within budget and schedule. These are true environmental professionals and all of their work is reflected in this fact.

AFCEC (formerly AFCEE)

In particular, I want to highlight … [HGL’s] efforts in providing data, preparing numerous reports and estimates that underlay EPA’s ultimate decision, and in assisting with responses from within EPA, from within the State environmental agency, and from the public and other stakeholders. We simply could not have achieved our goals without [HGL].

AFCEC (formerly AFCEE)

…we wish to acknowledge that your success on this project has required the support of both upper management and support staff in Colorado, California, and on-site operations. Your work has been professional, honest, timely, and most cooperative with all cleanup team members, as well as the greater Ft. Ord community.

California Regional Water Quality Control Board Central Coast Region

Without the slightest hesitation, would work with HGL any time, any place, on any project. Found them to be the most competent environmental contractor I’ve dealt with in the 12 years of military restoration activities. HGL has always demonstrated a willingness to meet the AF’s needs while ensuring all regulatory requirements are fulfilled. In my opinion, could not find a better company to have on my side!

Langley AFB, VA

You have never failed to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and effort in our behalf and this has resulted in substantial contribution to this agency’s ability to perform its mission. Please be assured that we hold you in highest regard and look forward to our continued association in the future.

Air Force Real Property Agency

[HGL’s] versatility in providing outstanding support for widely varying tasks from program management and on-site support, to technical review, information technology, conference support, and technology transfer has always been a hallmark.

DoD Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

I want to extend my appreciation for the excellent work provided by several individuals at [HGL]. The demand for both high quality work and time sensitive deadlines were many with this project. HydroGeoLogic not only met, but surpassed my expectations due to their commitment to a quality project.

USACE, Omaha District

[HGL] demonstrated an outstanding performance level that was significantly in excess of anticipated achievements and is commendable as an example to others.