Superfund Site Remediation


HGL is a full-service environmental engineering and remedial construction firm and has been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to environmental problems for 35 years. With 600+ professionals, HGL has managed regional and national contracts and worked on CERCLA, Superfund, and PFAS sites for federal clients, including U.S. EPA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, the U.S. Department of Energy, and NASA.

HGL was highly successful in its pursuit of prime contracts under the EPA National Remedial Action Framework (RAF)—one of only two businesses, large or small, to win nationwide prime contracts in each of the DES, ESO, and RES competitions. The contracts allow HGL to support EPA in all 10 regions. HGL was also a prime contractor on environmental remedial action and A/E contracts in Regions 3 and 7, respectively, executing over 150 projects, including crossover work, valued at over $140 million. Under the Region 7 contract, HGL provided nationwide environmental remedial optimization support across all CERCLA work phases to EPA’s Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI).

HGL’ s Qualification Discriminators for Superfund Site Remediation
Available Contract Vehicles and Proven Quality Performance
HGL holds a full suite of nationwide EPA RAF contracts including DES, ESO, and RES.
HGL has teamed with small and large businesses to provide EPA with ample regional staff that includes subject matter experts (SMEs) to address all site types and local field personnel to minimize fieldwork mobilization costs.
 As a successful prime contractor, HGL is delivering quality services in all 10 EPA regions.
Nationally Prominent Reputation
Superfund Site Remedial Optimization – HGL’s remedial optimization SMEs have optimized site cleanup activities at hundreds of Superfund/CERCLA sites nationwide, improving protectiveness of the environment, reducing lifecycle costs, and saving over $100 million in operating costs.
Modeling and Computational Optimization – HGL is a national leader in modeling groundwater and surface water to visualize and predict contaminant fate and transport, depict groundwater-surface water interaction, estimate cleanup time frames, and effectively manage water resources. HGL has developed and used decision-support optimization tools that combine modeling with advanced optimization algorithms to produce optimal remedial solutions.
Specialized Expertise
Mine Site Remediation and Reclamation – HGL employs best management practices and uses industry-leading modeling tools and technologies to design and implement innovative, cost-effective solutions to the environmental challenges at active and abandoned mine sites.
Sediment Remediation – HGL integrates natural processes into remedial alternatives and develops adaptive management strategies for incremental remedial action under the sustainable resilient remediation (SRR) framework.
PFAS Response – With over 150 sites completed or in progress, HGL is at the forefront of the PFAS response industry, having performed investigation, remedy design and implementation, and emergency/critical response activities nationwide.
Climate Change Adaptation – HGL’s experts develop solutions that address the physical characteristics of sites, focusing on sustainable and resilient alternatives and beneficial outcomes for surrounding communities.
DNAPL Remediation – HGL has employed multiple remedial technologies including innovative electrical resistance heating (ERH) in situ thermal treatment with soil vapor recovery and extensive in situ enhanced reductive dechlorination to address DNAPL contamination in the subsurface with fractured rock and overburden aquifers at sites nationwide. The state-of-the-art CompFlow multiphase modeling tool is used to simulate DNAPL migration and remedy performance. 
Radiological Sites – HGL offers a full array of services for safely and efficiently investigating and remediating sites with radiological contaminants.