HGL has developed an integrated system called Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMO) that links environmental modeling with management optimization. PBMO identifies optimal remedial design and operational approaches that lead to timely and cost-effective cleanups and optimal long-term management strategies.

PBMO is conceptualized as a medallion with two interdependent and complementary halves. One half contains a module with calibrated physics-based, multi-media, flow and transport models that seamlessly interacts with the second half housing the computational optimization module. By linking modeling and computational optimization, PBMO realistically captures important site physics and financial constraints; achieves a coherent interpretation of disparate site data; and produces structured, credible solutions acceptable to stakeholders and regulators. The technology is configured to take advantage of distributed computing on internal networks or the Cloud environment, permitting timely evaluation of many hundreds to thousands of potential solutions for a given site or multiple sites.

In 2017, HGL received the Grand Prize in the Innovative Research category of the Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science competition for its PBMO technology. The annual international competition, organized by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists®, has been rewarding the best in current environmental engineering and science since 1989.

See animations below describing HGL’s motivation for developing PBMO and a description of the technology:

Motivation for PBMO (Runtime 3:25)
PBMO Technology Description (Runtime 5:40)

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