Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) Site, Ventura County, CA


HGL’s work at SSFL entailed conducting an RI of a 470-acre portion of the site, the location of a former research facility that included 10 nuclear reactors and testing facilities. Site characterization activities required using a variety of surface radiation scanning techniques and instrumentation to scan surface soils in 100 percent of accessible parts of the Area IV operational area and adjacent Northern Buffer Zone. Multimedia sampling of groundwater, surface water, and sediment as well as risk assessment and community relations support were conducted to support the radiological study and background evaluation led by EPA Region 9.

HGL employee handles a mule and the custom-designed gamma scanner through some rocky terrain.
Project Highlights
Worked for EPA Region 9 under an expedited schedule with funding provided by DOE.
Conducted an RI to determine the extent of radiological contamination, which included the gamma scanning of over 400 acres, geophysical mapping of 100 acres, and collection of 3,250 mixed media samples for radiological analysis.
Designed, fabricated, and field-tested state-of-the-art gamma scanning systems capable of traversing rugged terrain.
Performed natural/cultural resource management, conducted in-depth historical research, and provided community involvement support.
Employed 60 on-site staff, including health physicists, geologists, radiation safety officers, and radiation technicians.
Developed innovative radiological scanning and survey techniques and instrumentation that maximized radiation surveying speed while providing high sensitivity in rugged terrain.
Successfully managed natural/cultural resources in an area rich in sensitive species and Native American history.
Provided security and maintenance of U.S. Government-owned buildings and properties.
Received the following client commendation: “[HGL has] gone beyond expectations in developing state-of-the-art radiation monitoring devices using the latest computer telemetry…HGL also has an impressive H&S program…Finally, HGL has experience and good qualifications to deal with the myriad of environmental, cultural, and endangered species laws…I believe [HGL has] saved the project and the Agency time and money.” Gregg Dempsey, EPA Senior Science Advisor.