RI/FS at Camp Butner, Granville County, North Carolina

105mm High-Explosive Projectile Discovered During Surface Clearance Operations

HGL completed a CERCLA RI to characterize the nature and extent of MEC and MC at five munitions response sites (MRSs) within the former Camp Butner, a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS). The purpose of the RI was to determine the presence or absence of MEC and MC at each of the MRSs, to define the nature and extent of any identified MEC/MC contamination, and to complete human health and ecological risk assessments. The RI delineated MEC and MC contamination at the MRSs, identified a new MRS, and recommended future remedial actions. HGL used RI-collected field data plus previously collected Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) and removal action data to identify data gaps, update the conceptual site model, evaluate MEC hazards and assess human health and ecological risks, and update the Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol and the MEC Hazard Assessment. Activities also included the completion of an FS, a Proposed Plan, and a Decision Document.

Project Highlights
Delineated MEC-contaminated areas with an accuracy of at least 250 feet, determined the potential depth of UXO with a 90% level of confidence, and determined the nature of MD with a 90% level of confidence.
Based on the findings of the RI, recommended that no further action be taken on one MRS and that the others proceed to the FS phase because of MEC contamination.
Identified risks such as being unable to obtain rights-of-entry (ROEs) for 100% of the property and mitigated the risk by assisting the U.S. Government in obtaining ROEs by visiting property owners, holding public meetings, and conducting mailings to solicit ROEs.