Remedy Carbon Footprint Analysis

Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis: HGL employs subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive experience evaluating carbon and energy footprints for remedial projects. HGL SMEs have supported the development of EPA’s Spreadsheets for Environmental Footprint Analysis (SEFA) to assist site managers in analyzing the environmental footprint of clean-up projects, identifying which clean-up activities drive the footprint, and adjusting project parameters to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of remedial actions. (Click here to visit EPA’s SEFA page.)

Best Management Practices: HGL SMEs prepared a list of 65 best management practices (BMPs) for improving sustainability of soil and groundwater remedies, and developed methodologies for quantifying key sustainability footprints for such remedies (e.g., energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste disposal). Ten pilot GSR evaluations were completed at Army sites to illustrate the methodologies.

Cover of Methodology Document Supporting SEFA