Rationale for Selecting CompFlow

Key Discriminators of CompFlow 
Comprehensive Multiphase Simulation Capabilities
 Provides a unique simulation environment for evaluating the multiphase, non-isothermal conditions with non-equilibrium phase partitioning that are commonly associated with Subsurface Carbon Sequestration and Storage (SCS).
Ease of Use and Robustness
 Utilizes structured block-centered rectangular grids (in preference to unstructured grids) to offer an intuitive approach for entering model information and efficiently debugging problems (without unnecessary frustration) and to accommodate grid refinement for sub-models using telescopic mesh refinement (TMR) to target specific areas.
Provides robust and efficient matrix solvers, including an iterative solver, that allows large-scale simulations with millions of nodes in serial or in parallel on PC clusters or via a Cloud platform.
Credible Technical Support Team
Offers the support of an integrated technical team with recognized subject matter experts (SMEs) in model development, GIS application, parameter estimation, calibration, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, and 3-D visualization; HGL SMEs have established a strong record of customer satisfaction over the last two decades.
Extended Simulation Capabilities
Provides capability to perform contaminant plume delineation and optimization of monitoring well network via direct linkage to PlumeSeeker™.
Provides capability to perform computational optimization of remedial system design and operation via direct linkage to PBMO™.
Technical Credibility
Offers academic acceptance, as it has been the basis for numerous publications illustrating its multiphase compositional flow and transport simulation capabilities under non-isothermal conditions with non-equilibrium phase-partitioning in the presence of microbial biodegradation.