Performance-based Remediation Services at Fort McClellan, Alabama

HGL is conducting removal actions to remediate contaminated soils and sediments at the Bains Gap Road Ranges (BGRR), ranges near Training Area T-24A (T-24A), the Choccolocco Corridor Ranges (CCR), and the former 81mm Mortar Range (81MM). Soil contaminants of concern are MD, antimony, copper, lead, and zinc; and groundwater at T-24A is contaminated with benzene and carbon tetrachloride.

Loading of Lead-Contaminated Soils for Off-Site Disposal
Amendment and Stabilization of Lead-Contaminated Soils

HGL completed soil source removal actions at T-24A, BGRR, CCR, and 81MM. Work included excavation, stabilization, and disposal of over 175,000 tons of soil and sediment. Excavated soil was collected into 300-cubic-yard stockpiles and sampled for lead. Stockpiles in which lead levels exceeded the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) limit were stabilized by being mechanically blended with approximately 12 tons of EnviroBlend®, a commercially available heavy metals stabilizing agent. Stockpiles in which lead did not exceed TCLP limits were transported off site for disposal as nonhazardous special waste. Sites T-24A, CCR, BGRR, and 81MM were restored by backfilling and contouring excavation areas to the surrounding grade, utilizing over 83,000 tons of fill and topsoil.

Project Highlights
Provided MEC construction support throughout the life of the project.
Excavated, stabilized, and disposed of over 175,000 tons of metals-contaminated soils in a 15-month period.
Restored impacted wetlands at BGRR and T-24A by backfilling the area with hydric soils and replanting the area with a mix of native trees and shrubs.
At BGRR, remediated 4,500 linear feet of Cane Creek by redirecting the creek, excavating contaminated sediments, restoring the creek by armoring steeper banks with riprap and grading, seeding the area, and installing turf reinforcement matting on more gradual slopes.