Perfluorinated Compound Enterprise-Wide Response at 82 Air Force and Air National Guard Installations Nationwide


HGL performed Preliminary Assessment (PA) activities at 82 U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard fire training areas (FTAs) and other locations to determine if environmental releases of aqueous film-forming foam containing perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) could have occurred. Work included performing historical research and interviews, visiting all the installations, and preparing PAs that addressed whether probable releases of PFCs from FTA activities, fire suppression system testing and use, and fire and emergency incident response actions had occurred. The PA reports also discussed potential pathways for any releases. HGL, working with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, developed a common assessment and location scoring approach using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency PA guidance and a common PA report template to ensure delivery of all reports within the tight 18-month project schedule.


Project Highlights
Developed a sequenced technical/logistical approach, used experienced team leaders and trained additional staff, and incorporated input from PFC subject matter experts to complete the project in under 18 months.
Performed chemical testing on a range of media (groundwater, soil, sediment, surface water, and indoor air) for a full range of contaminants of concern, and managed the large volumes of data generated using established tools and procedures to ensure that all data quality objectives and reporting requirements were met.
Used the results of the investigations to score each location and develop a list of installations and locations recommended for advancement to the site inspection phase.