Modeling and Optimization R&D Fuels Customized Client Solutions

Modeling is my passion, as most people know. Groundwater modeling developments are the reason HGL was founded. From that time on, HGL has continuously invested in the development of modeling and optimization technologies to support environmental restoration and water resources management. I am proud of our sustained work to enhance the capabilities of modeling and optimization technologies to address nationwide challenges. This longstanding tradition continued in 2023 with advances made by our talented team of modelers and engineers. Our head of Internal Research & Development (R&D), Dr. Dua Guvanasen, shares the team’s latest achievements in this blog.

In 2023, our team developed a mass-conserved particle tracking code to support rapid evaluation of PFAS migration in groundwater and a vadose-zone partitioning code to accommodate the unique transport properties of these compounds. Through sample collection and analyses, we conducted research on PFAS fate, transport, and transformation in groundwater and surface water, and we continued to add the latest information on PFAS compounds to our PFAS database. Knowledge gained and new tools developed from these research activities have been integrated into our PFAS Decision Support System.

The previous year also saw the application of our Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMO™) technology to evaluate the ability of in-situ and groundwater pump-and-treat systems to restore groundwater impacted by organic and inorganic contaminants. We delivered an implementation plan for a 119-well combined groundwater remedy (in situ treatment with limited pump-and-treat and hydraulic containment) designed using PBMO™. The plan, which included the site model, empowered our client with the ability to adjust treatment system implementation based on performance monitoring data and to explore the benefit of adding new treatment-system wells or the impact of missing a scheduled injection.

In 2024, HGL will continue to develop new technologies through internal R&D efforts. Integration of our R&D technologies with subject matter experts in the sciences and engineering coupled with in-house visualization capabilities allows HGL to develop and demonstrate customized solutions as we work to restore the environment and protect our future.

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Best wishes to all for a safe and prosperous 2024! Happy New Year!