HGL’s PBMO™ Presentation at 2018 Waste Management Conference Earns “Superior” Rating

On July 9, 2018, HGL was notified that its paper entitled “Use of Physics Based Management Optimization for Groundwater Remedy Design,” presented at the 2018 Waste Management (WM) Conference in Phoenix, had received a rating of “Superior.”

Gary Benda, the deputy managing director of the WM Symposia, stated that HGL’s paper on its award-winning Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMO™) tool “demonstrated superb knowledge and understanding, and lays the foundation for future waste management endeavors.” Further, HGL’s presenter, Larry Deschaine, Ph.D., P.E., received the following commendation from Mr. Benda: “I congratulate you on an outstanding paper and admire your passion of waste management. It is individuals like you that continue to move this industry forward.”

The paper focused on HGL’s use of PBMO™ to determine the optimal design for a groundwater remedy addressing a chlorinated solvent plume that covered several square miles. PBMO™ is an innovative software system that links calibrated flow and transport simulation models with highly efficient optimization algorithms. It has been used for supporting optimal water resource management for municipalities, for dewatering excavation and mining sites, and for managing and remediating contaminated water resources at government and commercial facilities.

The annual WM Conference, presented by WM Symposia, attracts thousands of international participants and is one of the world’s premier conferences for the management of hazardous materials and related topics.


Paper #18671: “Use of Physics Based Management Optimization for Groundwater Remedy Design.” Presented in Session #072b: Modeling Applications for Environmental Remediation – Posters.