HGL Releases New PBMO™ Animations

PBMO™ Animations on YouTubeHGL is pleased to announce that a series of animations presenting the capabilities of its advanced Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMO™) technology is now available on YouTube. PBMO™ provides an effective tool for integrating physics-based groundwater modeling with management considerations (e.g., time and budget) to address environmental challenges at a level of detail previously considered impractical. PBMO™ has been applied successfully to multiple environmental remediation and mine dewatering projects.

One animation describes the capabilities of PBMO™, and another discusses why HGL was motivated to develop it. Four other animations describe specific applications of PBMO™ to support remediation and groundwater withdrawal optimization. Click the links below to access the animations.

PBMO™ Animations on YouTube
1. Motivation for PBMO™ (Runtime 3:25)
2. PBMO™ Technology Description (Runtime 5:40)
3. Pump & Treat Optimization for Adjacent RDX and TNT Plumes at Umatilla Army Depot, Umatilla, OR (Runtime 4:28)
4. Remedial Design Optimization for a 4-Mile-Long Carbon Tetrachloride Plume Using PBMO™ at a Superfund Site in Nebraska (Runtime 5:02)
5. Application in Developing Optimal Exit Strategy at Former Fort Ord in California (Runtime 6:14)
6. PBMO™ Mine Dewatering and Aquifer Depletion Management Optimization Example (Runtime 7:20)

To view a webinar presentation of PBMO™ technology, please click this link.