In early September 2020, HGL was awarded a multimillion-dollar task order to support the USACE Huntsville Center (CEHNC) in the RCRA Interim Measure (IM) removal of disposed chemical munitions, toxic materials, chemical wastes, and burn pits at the Marshall Space Flight Center on Redstone Arsenal (RSA), Alabama. HGL will remove 21 separate potential burial areas and over 7,600 single point anomalies (SPAs). Chemical warfare materiel (CWM) including Mustard, Lewisite, Phosgene, and the nerve agent Tabun is likely to be encountered. This necessitates exercising full chemical operation protocols using removal teams, mitigation teams, rescue teams, and a personnel decontamination station as well as conducting near real-time air monitoring and assessing, packaging, and transporting potential CWM items.

This task order will require close coordination with CEHNC, RSA, NASA, and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. HGL will operate day and night shifts as necessary to deconflict with NASA’s ongoing mission at the installation, which includes developing the high-profile Space Launch System rocket needed to support the Mission to Mars initiative. As part of its execution strategy, HGL will use the advanced technology One Pass Classification Towed Array (OPCTA) Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) platform to identify and classify SPAs. This innovative approach will optimize the removal process by refining the burial area boundaries and more clearly identifying those SPAs that need to be removed.

This award further solidifies HGL’s position as a leader in the CWM industry. As a small business, HGL has been successful in competing directly with large businesses and has won over $110 million in CWM-related awards in the last three years. HGL has accomplished this by providing innovative approaches to complex technical challenges in servicing its DoD clients.