HGL Achieves Safety Milestone

5.5 Million Work Hours Without A Lost Time Injury or Illness

HGL achieved a major milestone last week as it reached 5.5 million hours worked without a lost time injury or illness. HGL employees have safely worked 5.5 million hours since 2015. This also means HGL qualified for the National Safety Council Million Hours Award for the fifth consecutive year.

To reach this milestone, it takes a strong, dedicated team where everyone takes part in planning and executing the work in a safe manner. “All HGL employees have a responsibility to look out for one another,” said HGL’s Health and Safety Director Steve Davis in acknowledging the award. “When the team works together, they are smarter than any one individual. Everyone can look out for a safe work environment and be a model for health and safety.”

HGL is proud to acknowledge all its employees who are in the field and offices throughout the year and commends them for their efforts and dedication to health and safety. HGL could not have achieved this milestone without their active support of the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all staff members. 

For more information on workplace safety, check out the National Safety Council website. ​​​​​​​