From Good to Great.

I started my career many years ago as an academic working on research and development, and when I realized that I wanted more, I found a business partner whose strengths complemented my own. Starting a company is never easy, and while there were some lean years, remaining determined and anticipating what was next proved to be key. During this time, I was given Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great,” which taught me to envision the “flywheel effect” when managing the growth of HGL, to keep pushing and pushing to build momentum and breakthrough. I resolved to take HGL from good to great by continually innovating, trying new ideas, and using new technologies. My advice is to surround yourself with those who challenge you to keep moving forward, to keep thinking outside the box, and to imagine the possibilities. I’m excited to share with you the new look for HGL, which will propel us into the future and continue taking us from good to great.

-Peter (Employee Number 001)