Water Resources

HGL Water Resources ServicesOptimizing Life’s Most Precious Resource – HGL provides expert assistance to regulatory agencies, management organizations and enterprises charged with stewardship of water resources.

As a global leader in innovative environmental and resource management solutions, HGL fully realizes the importance of the environment, water, and energy as the three key interactive elements of global sustainability. For more than 25 years, HGL has been providing a wide range of water resources management services to clients around the world facing both water quantity and water quality challenges.

HGL’s engineers and scientists leverage industry-leading modeling tools, technologies and best management practices to design cost-effective solutions. We bring innovation and deep experience to the following water related markets: Integrated Water Resource Management, Water Supply, Drought Management, Flood Control/Management, and Environmental.

Integrated Water Resources Management:

Promoting the coordinated development and management of water, land and related resources in a sustainable manner while balancing competing interests.

  • Basin, watershed and local planning support
  • Optimization and decision support
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Scenario analysis
  • Climate change and resiliency

Water Supply

Throughout the world, HGL has been consulted to characterize and assess multiple supply planning and resource development challenges—from saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers to the effects of groundwater extraction on stream flows and other groundwater/surface water interactions.

  • Groundwater/Surface water studies
  • Subsidence investigation
  • Saline intrusion
  • Conjunctive use
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Consumptive use
  • Permitting

Drought Management

Persistent droughts and changing climate patterns are plaguing water supplies worldwide. Competition for various water uses is further straining the limited supplies, resulting in protracted litigation and emergency measures to conserve water.

  • Water audits and conservation strategies
  • Safe Yield Analysis
  • Resource allocation
  • Alternate water sourcing
  • Operations plan optimization

Flood Control/Management

Changing climate patterns, urbanization and combined overflows are stressing aging storm water systems and flood control infrastructure to the limits.

  • Mitigation design support
  • Surface water modeling/analysis
  • Geospatial data analysis
  • Operations plan optimization


Balancing the environmental needs with the economic strains of development and restoring health to damaged resources requires a deep understanding of the interactions between the water, land and ecosystems.

  • Groundwater fate and transport modeling
  • Nutrient transport and management studies
  • Remediation optimization
  • Long-term treatment operations

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