Environmental Cleanup

Implementation of Electrical Resistance Heating
In Situ Thermal Treatment Beneath Active Railroad

HGL has consistently demonstrated its ability to complete effective investigations, design innovative remediation systems, and successfully and safely complete soil and groundwater restoration efforts. Throughout each project, HGL seeks to optimize the design and operation of remediation systems to reduce cleanup times and associated costs.

HGL offers a full array of services for safe and efficient remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous, toxic, radiological, and munitions-related contaminants. HGL’s multidisciplinary staff has the experience needed to design and implement remediation approaches that focus on obtaining prompt and cost-effective site cleanup. Using both innovative treatment technologies and proven methods, HGL develops sustainable remedies that, to the extent possible, allow for beneficial re-use of site property. HGL’s remediation expertise encompasses the following:

  • Landfill Cap Construction
  • Pesticide- and PCB-Contaminated Soils Remediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Biosparging
  • Optimized Pump and Treat
  • In Situ Oxidation/Enhanced Bioremediation
  • In Situ Thermal Treatment
  • Operation and Maintenance and Long-Term Monitoring Optimization
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier Construction
  • Regulatory Negotiation
  • Contaminated Soil/Sediments Removal
  • Long-Term Monitoring/Long-Term Operation
  • DNAPL/LNAPL Remediation
  • Enhanced Product Recovery
  • PFAS Response
  • Explosives-Contaminated Soils Bioremediation
  • Community Relations Support
  • Construction Support

HGL’s Prominent Leadership on DoD PBR Projects

Over the past 15 years, HGL has become a Performance-Based Remediation (PBR) industry leader, successfully managing  and executing single- and multiple-installation PBR projects ranging in size from $5 million to $45 million under both RCRA and CERCLA. HGL has completed these projects for Department of Defense clients, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Environmental Command, and Air Force, and it has successfully managed performance risk and liability for them using various remedial technologies. Additionally, HGL has 27 years of experience executing firm fixed price projects with challenging milestone performance schedules. With their extensive experience executing PBR projects, HGL’s staff has developed expertise in negotiating and securing consensus on all aspects of environmental remediation projects from the investigation through closure (end state) phases. HGL’s strong performance on these PBR projects is evidenced by the “Very Good” and “Exceptional” ratings below.

HGL’s PBR Project Examples:

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