Site Closure: Your Goal, Our Goal – HGL delivers the full range of services required to develop and implement any environmental cleanup program.

HGL’s integrated multidiscipline project team offers the knowledge and expertise required to develop and implement any remedial action program—from design, to construction, to operation.  HGL has a solid track record of expediting successful investigations, designing innovative systems, and successfully and safely completing soil and groundwater remediation efforts, while constantly seeking system improvements to shorten the duration and cost of each project. HGL’s focus has always been on obtaining regulatory site closure while balancing economic and environmental benefits.

Remediation Design and Construction

HGL offers a full array of remediation services for safe and efficient remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous, radiological, and munitions constituents. HGL’s remediation approach is focused on obtaining timely and cost-effective site closure through use of innovative remediation technologies and proven methods that result in sustainable and beneficial re-use of the site property.

  • Landfill Cap Construction
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Biosparging
  • In Situ Oxidation/Enhanced Bioremediation
  • Permeable Reactive Barrier Construction
  • Contaminated Soil/Sediments Removal
  • DNAPL/LNAPL Remediation
  • Explosive-Contaminated Soils Bioremediation
  • Pesticide- and PCB-Contaminated Soils Remediation
  • Optimized Pump and Treat
  • Enhanced Product Recovery
  • Regulatory Negotiation
  • Operations and Maintenance and Long Term Monitoring Optimization

Community Relations

Backed by a team of technology specialists, HGL’s public involvement professionals create powerful visualizations and multimedia products that demystify complex environmental problems and convey technical information in an easily understood manner.

HGL also excels in developing and maintaining regulatory compliant Administrative Record files and coordinating Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meetings. HGL’s experienced professionals know how to communicate—and listen—effectively, combining technical abilities with successful communication tools.


HGL’s Construction Group is guided by four operational goals: to deliver projects safely, as specified, on schedule, and within budget.

HGL’s multidisciplinary team offers a full range of construction services that cover the complete life cycle of a construction project—from the planning and design phase to post-completion support. HGL’s Safe Project Delivery commitment means that its personnel receive thorough safety training—and HGL’s subcontractors and suppliers are held to the same exemplary standards. HGL’s customers benefit through lowered risk and overhead. Safety is great for everyone’s bottom line.

Optimization Strategies

As a global leader in providing innovative environmental and resource management solutions, HGL realizes the importance of achieving optimal solutions that meet stakeholder requirements and minimize risk to the environment.  HGL has developed the tools such as integrated simulations that optimize remedies and facilitate site closures.

Point of Contact

Jeff Dick, PE
Vice President
Phone: (330) 463-3303