Modeling and Computational Optimization


HGL is a leader in modeling groundwater and surface water to visualize and predict contaminant transport, estimate cleanup time frames, and manage water resources. Modeling is a valuable tool that allows designers and engineers to understand the behavior of a dynamic system and support technical and managerial decision-making. HGL’s modelers have in-depth experience in building models that meet user needs and provide the output necessary to develop solutions to complex environmental and resource management challenges.

Groundwater/Surface Water Modeling: HGL has successfully developed and applied industry standard modeling software and decision support tools (MODFLOW-SURFACTTM and MODHMS®) to solve environmental restoration and water resources management problems. Services include the following:

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction Modeling
  • Multimedia Flow and Transport Modeling
  • Watershed Evaluation
  • Water Resource Planning
Objective Function F with Decision Variables X and Y

Physics-Based Management Optimization (PBMOTM): PBMOTM links advanced optimization algorithms with site flow and transport models and integrates multiple decision variables and constraints into the decision process at a level of detail previously considered impractical. For each site, HGL considers the conceptual site model (CSM), the goals of the remedy, available data, remedy performance, protectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and closure strategy. PBMO features include the following:

  • Optimal solutions for multiple remedial objectives
  • Distributed computing (Cloud)
  • Optimized remedial design
  • Water resource management

Simulated Contaminant Plumes with Optimal Pump & Treat Remedy

For a presentation of the animation, please click PBMOTM : CCL4 Plume Remedy

Innovations: HGL has a full array of innovative tools for modeling, data management, and environmental remediation and water resource management optimization. For more information about the following, please contact

Training: Whether a novice or an experienced user of HGL’s codes, HGL offers courses that will enable users to build expertise and increase productivity. HGL offers tailored courses, as well as open-schedule, customized seminars to government agencies, regional and local water management agencies, research institutions, universities, consulting firms, and engineering companies in the United States and abroad. To find out which training option best meets your needs, please contact to request a free training consultation.

The following projects demonstrate HGL’s expertise with modeling/optimization:

Water Resource Modeling


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