Modeling and Optimization

Management Strategies for a Sustainable Future – HGL recognizes the importance of the environment, water, and energy as the three key interactive elements for global sustainability. For each of the three key elements, HGL strives to achieve optimal solutions for decision makers that meet stakeholder requirements and minimize risk.

Software Tools
HGL has a wide array of cutting-edge tools for Modeling, Data Management, and Physics-based Management Optimization (PBMO™).

Consulting Services
Consulting for HGL means finding the right answers for our clients. As a leader in modeling and water resources technologies, we leverage our experience, knowledge, and innovative techniques to resolve complex issues. Our latest and perhaps most advanced modeling code — MODHMS® — is part of a long line of HGL’s innovative solutions and consulting technologies. For more information, please contact

Core Services

  • Environmental Litigation Support
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Site Remediation
  • Studies of Contaminant Transport in Soil and Water
  • Water Resources Planning

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user of our codes, courses will enable you to build your expertise to match the requirements of your job or to upgrade your productivity quickly and efficiently. We offer annual modular courses, as well as open-schedule, customized seminars to government agencies, regional and local water management agencies, research institutions and universities, consulting firms, and engineering companies both here and abroad.

To find out which training option will best meet your needs, please contact to request a free training consultation.

Point of Contact

Dua Guvanasen, Ph.D., PE
Vice President
Phone: (703) 478-5186
FAX: (703) 471-4180