Mining Reclamation

Stewards of our Earth’s Resources – HGL provides expert planning, design and restoration services to regulatory agencies, management organizations and enterprises engaged in mining operations and reclamation.

As the world’s demand for mineral resources continues to grow, HGL fully realizes the importance of developing sustainable solutions that prevent future adverse impacts and account for the complex physical, biological and geochemical conditions found in mining operations. Whether it involves assessing new operations or restoring abandoned sites, we possess the resources and experience to implement innovative, cost-effective solutions to all mining challenges.

HGL’s engineers and scientists leverage industry-leading modeling tools, technologies and best management practices to design cost-effective solutions. We bring innovation and deep experience to the following mining related markets: Studies and Investigations, Mine Water Management, Remediation, and Long Term Operations and Maintenance.

Studies and Investigations:

Understanding the feasibility of mining operations, past mining impacts, or treatment options, we have the technical depth to understand the complexities encountered at mine sites.

• Right of entry permits
• Property ownership/claim analysis
• Field sampling and analysis
• Bioavailability studies
• Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments
• Feasibility studies (RCRA and CERCLA)

Mine Water Management

HGL’s deep experience in groundwater and surface water modeling provides a strong foundational understanding of water quantity and quality on active and abandoned sites.

• Groundwater/surface water modeling and planning
• Subsidence investigation
• Consumptive use permitting
• Dewatering
• Storm water management
• Hydrology and Hydraulics


With over 25 years of remediation experience, HGL’s engineers and scientists have developed remedial designs and solutions for hundreds of contaminated sites. Our knowledge of fate and transport coupled with innovative application of technologies differentiates our reclamation capabilities from others in the field.

• Remedial designs
• Groundwater/surface water treatment strategies
• Critical removal actions
• Expert testimony and litigation support

Long Term Operations and Maintenance

Designing, maintaining and operating treatment plants to handle metals removal and other associated mining waste products is a critical component to our sustainability mindset. We innovate at our plants to reduce treatment timelines, drop costs and restore sites.

• Licensed plant operators/operations
• Treatment plant systems optimization
• SCADA systems
• Long term monitoring
• Third party design and optimization reviews
• Ancillary construction services support

Our wholly owned subsidiary, Spectrum Engineering and Environmental, LLC extends our mining related capabilities even further, providing over 30 years of expertise with a specialized focus in mine engineering, planning and reclamation services. For additional information, click here.

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