Military Munitions Response


HGL is a full-service military munitions response (MMR) provider with the capabilities to effectively execute any project, regardless of size or location, from concept through completion. HGL develops technical approaches specific to the unique characteristics of each site to ensure complete coverage of munitions clearance areas. These approaches are implemented in accordance with HGL’s stringent safety program by qualified personnel with expertise in munitions clearance and intrusive investigations. HGL has conducted MMR work at numerous Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD facilities, frequently addressing munitions debris (MD) and munitions constituents (MC) concurrently with hazardous, toxic, and radiological waste (HTRW) issues as well as chemical warfare materiel (CWM).

HGL’s Military Munitions Response Services Discriminators
Proven Performance
Provided full-service MMRP support to USACE for over 15 years: prominent leader in the field.
Executed over 110 MMR terrestrial and aquatic response actions that included investigation, removal action, and remedial action tasks.
Safely executed thousands of terrestrial and underwater demolitions of unexploded ordnance.
Advance Geophysical Classification (AGC)
Earned reaccredidation biannually to continue performing AGC work at munitions response sites through the DoD AGC Accreditation Program.
Completed over 20 projects with AGC, including RI, RD, RA, and removal projects.
Recently employed newest wave of AGC sensors including the APEX One-Pass Classifier and the UltraTEM (UT) Classifier as well as UT Screener sensors and traditional AGC sensors, including the Man Portable Vector, MetalMapper 2×2, and TEMTADS 2×2.
Remained at the forefront of deploying the newest positioning technology by applying the KAARTA Stencil SLAM in wooded or obstructed environments for AGC data collection.
Underwater Munitions Response
Completed underwater RIs and RAs that included DGM, diving, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployment, side scan sonar, and UXO diving at sites in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Michigan, and Ohio.
Completed underwater demolition using Vulcan low order deflagration technology, becoming the first USACE contractor to do so.
Active Range Clearance
Provided operational range clearance/UXO construction support at 15 ranges over the past decade, clearing 1,100 acres and disposing of over 2,500 MEC items and 360,000 pounds of munitions debris at CONUS locations and Hawaii.
Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM)
Awarded within the last 5 years 11 CWM projects valued at over $150M to address a mix of low and high probability sites.
Conducted recovered chemical warfare material (RCWM) characterization/removal and chemical agent-contaminated building demolition.

HGL’s multidisciplinary project delivery teams of program and project managers, unexploded ordnance (UXO) specialists, geophysicists, information and geospatial technologists, numerical modelers, and scientists focus on integrating specialized skills and experience to develop innovative technical approaches, expedite removal activities, and negotiate restoration exit strategies. HGL’s MMR expertise encompasses the following:

  • DAGCAP Accreditation
  • MMR Operational Planning
  • MMR Remedial Investigations (RIs)/Feasibility Studies (FSs)
  • MMR Removal Action
  • MMR Remedial Design
  • MMR Remedial Action
  • Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Response
  • Wide-Area Assessments
  • Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM) and Data Acquisition/Interpretation
  • Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC)
  • CWM Investigation/Remediation
  • MC Sampling and Analysis
  • MC Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Regulatory Interaction
  • GPS Data and GIS Systems
  • MMR Site Closures
  • MEC Construction/Excavation
  • MEC Demolition/Disposal
  • Community Relations
  • Operational Range Sustainment and Clearance