Environmental & Other A/E Services

Scientific Solutions: Sustainable Results – HGL integrates in-house environmental engineers, applied scientists, risk assessors, regulatory specialists and GIS specialists into seamless project teams capable of solving the most complex problems.

HGL brings exceptional qualifications in the fields of environmental engineering, site investigation, risk assessment, site closure, and community relations. The company was founded on expertise in these fields and is recognized as a worldwide leader in these and related areas. HGL has particular expertise in designing comprehensive environmental remediation systems and using this expertise to produce a variety of environmental and subsurface numerical modeling tools. These software tools are in use in more than 30 countries today.

HGL integrates in-house design, engineering, remediation, construction, and geospatial technology services into project teams that deliver top quality green and sustainable remediation solutions and environmental engineering services.

Environmental Engineering

HGL’s Environmental Engineering Group is guided by its fundamental operational goal: to deliver projects on time, within budget, and in accordance with project scope objectives. HGL’s integrated project team approach to environmental A-E services takes full advantage of HGL’s scientific, modeling, IT, and technical expertise to determine the best approach for investigation, engineering design, remediation, and remedial process optimization.

  • Investigation and Modeling
  • Title I and II for Environmental Projects
  • Compliance Assurance and Pollution Prevention
  • Management, Planning, and Reporting
  • Project Plan Development
  • Analytical Chemistry Management
  • Green and Sustainable Remediation Practices
  • Value Engineering

Professional Services

Whatever the planning or training needs of a client, HGL’s Professional Services Group has the experience and resources to meet their requirements.

  • Environmental Planning and Programming
  • Program Management and Implementation Support
  • Scientific Peer Review Support Services
  • Regulatory and Policy Support
  • Sustainable Practices Consulting
  • Technical/Training Support
  • Health and Safety Compliance Support
  • Information Technology

Litigation Support

HGL focuses on creating the right solution for a client’s specific case through its ability to select from numerous personnel with recognized expertise in environmental modeling; contaminant source-transport-fate source, fate, and transport; historical research; and remediation/restoration technologies.

HGL’s subject matter experts provide strategy development, litigation support, expert testimony, and technical peer review services. HGL works closely with its clients to carefully define the cause and nature of a problem and applies state-of-the-art engineering technologies and forensic science in developing cost-effective and defensible solutions.

  • Expert Witness Services
  • Records Management Support
  • Technical Support Services
  • Environmental Forensics
  • Historical Research and Environmental History

Geospatial (GIS) Technologies

Faced with tight schedules and diminishing budgets, managers need tools that streamline their analysis and decision-making processes. HGL helps clients develop, assemble, and integrate spatial data such as survey data, sampling data, and geo-referenced imagery with nonspatial data such as reports, tabular data, and correspondence into dynamic, Net-centric solutions.

  • Data Management
  • Analysis/Cartography
  • GeoDatabase/Database Design, Programming, and Management
  • Data Animations

Regulatory Compliance

Environmental laws and regulations are extensive, complex, and constantly changing. This makes it challenging for even the most diligent facility to remain fully compliant. Through periodic contact with regulators and regular training of its employees, HGL keeps abreast of the latest federal and state environmental compliance requirements. HGL professionals have completed a variety of projects ranging from simple environmental site assessments, to media-specific hazardous waste management, to training and compliance assistance for hundreds of private sector and government clients, to comprehensive compliance auditing, to environmental management system development and implementation. HGL professionals have over 25 years experience with environmental laws and regulations including the following:

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Hazardous Waste Management Regulations
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
  • Clean Water Act
  • SPCC/DCR Requirements
  • Clean Air Act
  • Risk Management Planning
  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • National Historic Preservation Act
  • Archeological and Historic Preservation Act


Over the years, HGL has worked on a wide range of resource projects. HGL’s NEPA specialists have analyzed the impacts of airfields, office buildings, recreational facilities, power plants and power lines, alternative energy projects, communications towers, land and forest management projects, re-use of military bases, and the acquisition of new federal lands. HGL has produced most every type of NEPA document.

  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Programmatic EA and Programmatic EIS
  • Supplemental EA and Supplemental EIS
  • Various Environmental Planning Documents that Require an EA or EIS
  • Notices of Intent, Findings of No Significant Impact and Records of Decision.

Environmental Risk Management

HGL is a recognized leader in numerical risk-based performance assessments for hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste facilities, including probabilistic uncertainty methods. HGL routinely provides these services to assist regulators with their decision-making process.

  • Exposure and Risk Assessment Modeling
  • Probabilistic (Monte Carlo) Simulation
  • Risk-based Performance Assessment
  • Regulatory Support
  • Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Ecological Risk Assessments

Optimization Strategies

HGL uses three powerful methods to guide managers in making better decisions. These are simulation, optimization, and probability/geostatistics. Simulation gives HGL the ability to test various design options for improvement and predict their performance. Optimization allows HGL to compare alternative outcomes and thereby narrow choices to the very best among the feasible options. Finally, probability and (geo)statistics enable HGL to measure the risk and level of confidence associated with each solution and to fully examine the data to identify valuable connections and insights, to test conclusions, and to make reliable forecasts. HGL has recently extended its suite of tools to address optimization of the following:

  • Environmental Restoration Programs
  • Water Resources Management
  • Mining Dewatering Operation Design
  • Energy Production Management


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