Development of a Mobile Vapor Containment System (MVCS) for Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Through review and investigation activities, HGL identified the need/submitted a proposal to provide MVCS technology to address the risks associated with the recovery, packaging, and disposal of buried munitions at RSA, particularly phosgene-filled items. HGL was awarded an innovative technology task to design, manufacture, and test an MVCS to support site characterization activities at RSA.

HGL designed and constructed an MVCS consisting of a containment system with four 40-foot Conex containers, a fabricated roof system, a remotely controlled excavator, and a chemical agent filtration system (CAFS). The CAFS was designed to provide negative pressure on the containment system and to neutralize any CA released from CWM items during excavation. Figures 1 and 2 present a conceptual drawing of the MVCS and a photograph of the partially constructed facility. The MVCS has completed all Phase 1 testing and is currently in planning for Phase 2, where it will be tested further and modified as necessary before deployment.

Conceptual Drawing of MVCS
Constructed MVCS