Chemical Warfare Materiel and Chemical Agent Services


HGL is a full-service provider of chemical warfare materiel (CWM) and chemical agent (CA) remedial services with the capability to execute CWM operations on large, complex sites. HGL cleanup capabilities encompass the complete range of potential hazards, including CWM/CA, biological agents, conventional ordnance, and environmentally contaminated media (soil, water, and air). Within the last 5 years alone, HGL has been awarded 11 CWM projects valued at over $150 million.

Conducting CWM Night Operations in Elevated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Processing Personnel through
Decontamination Station

HGL’s “best-in-class” personnel have developed innovative approaches to address the CWM/CA remediation challenges specific to each project site using their extensive experience and knowledge. For each project, HGL crafts an approach that considers applicable laws and regulations as well as the unique circumstances of the sites being addressed. These circumstances include the inherent risks, potential munitions and CA items present, the maturity and appropriateness of the technology to be deployed, the presence of other toxic chemicals, existing and future land uses, and surrounding area population densities.

Personnel Decontamination Station

CWM items at these sites include mortar rounds, aerial bombs, rockets, projectiles, Chemical Agent Identification Sets, and storage containers of CAs in cylinders, 55-gallon drums, and ton containers. HGL has direct experience providing response actions to CAs including blister agents, choking agents, and nerve agents.

HGL’s capabilities in this area are demonstrated in the following project descriptions:

Interim Measures to Address CWM at Redstone Arsenal (RSA), Alabama

Demolition of Contaminated Facilities at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland

Development of a Mobile Vapor Containment System (MVCS) for Redstone Arsenal, Alabama