Employee Quotes

“I love the size and structure of this company.  The size is small enough and the structure flat enough to allow for opportunities to contribute to new projects and easily communicate with staff and management but is big enough to provide top-notch in-house expertise in all areas of our business.”

Doug S. – NJ Office

“When I started working for HGL six years ago, my first impression was that I would be joining a culture where employees and organizational integrity matter. That impression has not changed and my appreciation for these values has multiplied over the years as I have had career advancement opportunity and been involved in work that challenges and rewards me personally and professionally. I believe the most important organizational values HGL embraces are the focus on producing an excellent work product and ensuring client satisfaction. The organization believes the way to accomplish that goal is to invest in their team and as an employee I have felt valued and appreciated for my contribution. You are not just a number at HGL. You are a person with goals, dreams and aspirations they will help you achieve when you are ready to invest in yourself.”

Wendy F. – KC Office

“After spending over 25 years working for very large businesses, it has been very refreshing to work for HGL, where you can deal directly with individuals that can affect change.  Everyone’s focus is on long-term growth and strength of HGL, and management, from the top down, is genuinely interested in the well-being of the employees.  I have had the privilege of meeting Peter, and his energy and positive attitude somehow exceeded what I had been told to expect.”

Neil D. – MO Office

“I have worked for a few other environmental contractors in the past, and have been very impressed with the coordination between HGL offices and employees. It is easy to reach outside your expertise for excellent technical support.”

Lael F. – AL Office

When I started at our NY office I was most impressed by our President. Even though he works out of our corporate office in Virginia, he learned my name, took time to make conversation, and was always excited about the future. There was a period of time I had the need to adjust my work schedule and take advantage of our varied benefits due to a prolonged illness. As I have watched my office and the company grow, HGL has been there for me along the way. Now cancer free, I’m a proud 10 year HGL employee – looking forward to the future!

Donna R. - NY Office

“HGL is a great place to work because the corporate culture is warm and friendly. It’s impossible to overstate the value of working with good people; it makes getting up for work every day much easier. HGL affords the opportunity to interact with many interesting people from different backgrounds and academic disciplines. I’ve found the intellectual challenges of interdisciplinary work especially rewarding. It’s important to me to work in a place where I can continue to learn and grow and stretch myself in new directions, and I’ve found that at HGL.”

Danny R., VA Office

“I appreciate the opportunity for advancements here at HGL, I am regularly praised for even the smallest accomplishments and victories, which makes me go home feeling good about myself each day. I work in an industry that’s making a difference and makes people’s lives better (Environmental Projects & Services), so I can go home each day feeling good about our contribution to the world (or to the Government). I work with really great people who are all supportive of each other and truly team players; and lastly, I work with people who come from all walks of life and have varying degrees of experience and I have learned so much from all of them.”

Claudia G., VA Office

“As I celebrate 12 years with HGL, I reflect on what it means to me to be part of the HGL community. HGL shares many of my core values – it is a company with honesty and integrity. But what keeps me motivated are the people. The project teams I’ve been a part of have always exhibited the highest spirit of teamwork.”

Jodie J., AZ Office

“HGL is much more than just a place to work, it is a place to really begin, develop and succeed in your career! From the hands on engagement of our founder and active leader, Dr. Peter Huyakorn, to the people dedicated to excelling in our commitments to our clients and each other, HGL has an active and challenging culture that is unmatched among other Environmental Firms. I joined this firm after over 20 years at a large, traditional consulting firm … HGL has an excellent onboarding program that provides new employees with the information/training/mentoring to facilitate the transition into a new company. The staff and management are wonderful at engaging with each and every new employee and no question is left unanswered. No one is just a name or a face at HGL, you are a part of the HGL family and your dreams and desires become part of HGL’s mission and future.”

Jeff D. - OH Office