HGL is Awardee on $1.57 Billion EPA Remediation Environmental Services (RES) Contract

News Flash – On October 31, 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) executed a Remediation Environmental Services (RES) Contract with HGL. The contract encompasses all 10 EPA regions nationwide.

The primary focus of the contract is the execution of Remedial Actions, the site cleanup phase of the CERCLA process. Therefore, the contract contains a construction component and includes tasks such as dredging and excavating contaminated soils, implementing in situ source and groundwater treatment technologies (chemical/biological/thermal), constructing treatment systems, capping contaminated soils and sediments, transporting contaminated waste, backfilling and revegetating remediated areas, and providing other technical assistance at Superfund sites for EPA Headquarters and all regional offices.

The contract has a period of performance of 10 years (5-year base period and one 5-year option) and a total capacity of $1.57 Billion. The total capacity will be shared among all contract holders, with approximately 20% of the work to be set aside for small businesses.