HGL is fully committed to applying innovative science and technology to address environmental and resource management problems. HGL utilizes best management practices in incorporating sustainable practices into its business culture. HGL’s commitment to the principles of sustainability is reflected in the following statements of its corporate values:

HGL’s Business

HGL integrates science, engineering, technology, performance-based management, and innovative thinking to develop sustainable solutions for overcoming environmental challenges worldwide.

HGL’s Goal

As a global leader in integrating simulations and optimal solutions for environmental, water resource, and energy management problems, HGL strives to leverage its understanding of the environmental, climate, energy, and sustainability challenges faced by its customer to support and improve their ongoing missions.

HGL’s Target Market

Worldwide concerns regarding safe water, clean air, and sustainable living environments will drive the environmental market in the future. Demand for HGL’s services will continue to grow as the world population increases and the U.S. government, state governments, foreign governments, industry, and other stakeholders seek to address critical long-term societal and natural resource issues. HGL will respond to these global demands by continually incorporating new technologies into its environmental remediation and water/energy management services.

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